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Authentic Bay Area gives people an excuse to connect about things that matter with structure and support to invite intimacy and growth through witnessing each other’s humanity.

Project Details

Brand Identity, Website, Designer

Authentic Bay Area educates humans on how to develop greater social-emotional intelligence through practicing relational mindfulness. I worked with them to develop a new brand identity and website that communicates their values of inclusivity and authenticity.

I created a brand ID system centered around four ideas: The hands, representing a supportive community that holds transformation and growth; teardrop, illustrating raw emotion and release; and a speech bubble of communication and vulnerable sharing. These images are formed in the shape of a heart, symbolizing the powerful ability to hold emotion and transformation with love and compassion.

I helped their team put the new brand in practice by designing their website, ensuring that they could speak to their tech and personal development audiences in the Bay Area.

Dakota Brand Presentation (8).png
Brand & Logo Design

Assess and develop the organizations visual direction and messaging through comprehensive brand strategy. Craft a unique, inclusive logo and gather visuals to convey their intentional brand.

Website Design and Development

Design and develop a visual identity system and website that captures their powerful values and future goals.

Authentic Branding


Round 1

Round 2

Rounded teardrop

Realistic, less rounded hand

Round 3

Tilted the speech bubble and made it larger

Round 4

Final Logo

Authentic Website

Imagine a world where you can create a deep, vulnerable connection with any human, anywhere.

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