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Project Details

Brand Identity, Website, Designer

As a creative coach, Holly helps people dream, strategize, and get back into their creative flow. Our brand and website project captured her groovy, playful, welcoming personality and transformational work.

Holly Jo came to me with the task to craft a brand for her creative coaching business. Her transformational work was inspired by her time in the desert, The brand needed to be feminine, clean, and unique, while communicating energy and embodying the aesthetic that Emory holds himself.

The Brand Process

Brand Identity & Strategy

Competitor Analysis

Client & Customer Archetypes

Visual Direction

Moodboard & Color Palette

Word Mark (3 Rounds)

Logo Icon (4 Rounds)

Logo Package

Brand Guidebook

Brand & Logo Design

Develop Holly's visual identity system and messaging through comprehensive brand strategy. Craft a unique, groovy logo and gather visuals to convey their creative brand.

Website Design and Development

Provide an easy to navigate, mobile-optimized website that illustrates her powerful services and values in a playful.

Moodboard & Color Palettes

Concept 1

Concept 2

Concept 3

Final Moodboard & Color Palette

Revamp of their brand and website, ensuring a cohesive brand experience that is aligned with their values and mission.

Holly Brand Style Guide
Asset 58_edited_edited.png

The logo was built around the idea of the contrasting curves and sharp edges representing duality and breaking free into a new path of financial liberation.

The spacious, flowy nature of the "a" and "B" are memorable and illustrate the transformative, other-worldly qualities of the brand. The movement in these letters symbolize a new path to truth and a different path to liberation.

The balance of sharp letters, such as the "L" and "i", with the curvy letters represent duality and the breaking free from uniformity. It captures Lisa's alternative methods to financial coaching.

A set of icons were created to be used to describe the different program offerings. Each are derived from the theme of magical, desert oasis.

Reflective Partnership

Come home to your core desires, dreams, and skills. I'll be there every step of the way to give you the support and accountability you need in this time of transition.

Creative Exploration

This is your space to go wide, to flirt with the future, and discover what ignites your soul.

Delightful Structure

With the clarity of Creative Exploration, we'll set up an ecosystem of structure to support and truly actualize the change you seek.

Brand Style Guide
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Holly Website
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