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Project Details

Photoshoot Art Direction, Brand Identity, Website, Designer

As a radical money coach, Lisa supports people to move courageously in your relationship with money.

Responsible for the art direction and execution of the online presence, branding, photography, and launch campaign from ideation. The new brand identity, website design, and marketing materials were built on concepts of duality and truth. Emphasized rich jewel tones and the juxtaposition of symmetry and disruption.

Brand & Logo Design

Craft a new visual identity and brand system to be used across all platforms. Art direct and scout for a full-day brand photoshoot. Create tailored content and event promotions across multiple channels including email and social media campaigns, event publicity, and blogs. Designed and launched personalized newsletter and email marketing system.

Website Design and Development

Design and develop a website that captures Lisa's powerful values and future goals. Develop strong copy to drive engagement by employing excellent user-experience writing.

Lisa Beem Brand Pitch (6)_edited.jpg
The Brand Process

Brand Identity & Strategy

Competitor Analysis

Client & Customer Archetypes

Visual Direction

Moodboard & Color Palette

Word Mark

Logo Icon

Logo Package

Social Media Package

Newsletter Design

Brand Guidebook

Lisa Branding
Moodboard & Color Palettes

Concept 1

Concept 2

Concept 3


Final Color Palette and Moodboard

Initial Font Selection
Adjustment Options
New Horizontal Logo

The logo was built around two ideas representing duality and breaking free into a new path of financial liberation: The idea of the contrasting curves and sharp edges, and the reinforcement and disruption of symmetry.

The "s" and "a" were created to mimic each other. The "a" looks disrupted, and similar to a warped version of the "s". This represents one's potentially warped relationship with money and breaking free of those limiting beliefs.

Similarly, the balance of sharp letters, such as the "L" and "i", with the curvy letters represent duality and the breaking free from uniformity.

The spacious, flowy nature of the "a" and "B" illustrate movement, symbolizing a new path to truth and a different path to financial liberation.

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Brand Style Guide
Lisa Beem Brand Pitch (6).png
Lisa Website
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