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Hey, I'm Dawn.

I'm a visual storyteller and social impact designer.

I left my environmental cartography and data visualization path to explore SouthEast Asia and reconnect to myself and why I create art.

A 10 day meditation retreat in the Thai jungle changed the direction of my life.

I was disconnected from myself and my art; I hadn't created anything in years. I knew that if I spent the rest of my life this way, it wasn't a life worth leading. After the retreat and an inspiring 6 month backpacking trip, I moved to Thailand. I underwent an artist retreat, painted murals, taught english to children, explored a variety of fine art and digital mediums, and powerfully reconnected to myself and my "why". 


Inspired by the people I met around the world, I directed my creative pursuits to amplifying voices and designing for the greater good.


As a self-taught designer, I am passionate about designing for social impact and sustainability. I'm interested in many aspects of design and art such as packaging, illustration, painting, typography, photography, creative direction, and more.

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